Teamster – from professionals for professionals!

We were looking for an uncomplicated software to support us in organizing our restaurant. And then we made it ourselves.

Why did we develop Teamster? Because we wanted to see transparency and structure in our numbers, but didn't feel like putting a lot of time and effort into administration on a daily basis. Time that we would much rather spend with our guests and our team. We wanted a solution that would relieve us of routine tasks and guarantee an overview of costs and resources – Without compromise.

That's why we set to work ourselves. That's how Teamster was born.

For us. And for you.

The founders

Sven Johannson, longtime CFO and general manager:
"With the establishment of JJ Restaurants came a multitude of administrative activities that took up a lot of our restaurant management's and our own time. Many of the activities were repetitive, uninspiring and kept management from taking care of their real job, our guests. At the same time, we lacked a system that quickly and clearly provided us with key financial metrics on a daily basis. 

Together with my congenial partner Michael Backus, we started programming various routines and reports to automate individual tasks. With each successful programming the requirements grew, so we founded MFS IT GmbH and developed Teamster. A living software that we are constantly developing and that is now used by colleagues in many restaurants in several countries."

We think it's time to introduce it to you.

Your clever assistants!

Each one is an asset to you. Together, they manage your restaurant.


Your tool for the entire personnel management.

Time recording, duty scheduling, contract management and electronic personnel files, deadline management, payroll with interface to payroll accounting, Team App.

Easier. Faster.
Everything in view.


The cash register is correct. You can be 100% sure of that.

Sales reports, cash register, accounting, vault management, theft prevention and cancellation control, interface to financial accounting, forecasts. Directly from your cash register data.

Accounting can be this simple.


Simply everything is always there. Rely on it.

Inventory management, calculation of cost of goods, order proposals based on sales forecasts**, inventory management (theoretical and actual).

You always have an overview.


Your guests are satisfied. And you know it.

Simple, fast feedback. Customer satisfaction at a glance at all times. Even linked to other data. You should not do without this information.

Get to know your guests better.

The Teamster pricing model. Simply fair.

You can use all wizards at any time,
but you only pay for what you really need.