Team app

Perfect team communication!

What time am I scheduled to work on Monday? Could I take the second shift on Wednesday? When do I have to take care of the extension of my work permit? A quick glance at my smartphone is all it takes.

Because the Teamster app takes care of team-internal communication, reminds you of documents, sends sick notes and manages vacation. Simple, secure, transparent.

Teamster always keeps your team (and yourself) up to date.

Put an end to long messages and constant phone calls. The Teamster app is the central messenger for communicating with your employees in all HR matters. In both directions, of course.

Rely on all employees to know their schedule.

Perfectly simple! With the Teamster app, your employees can find their work schedules where they find all the important info: on their smartphone. 

Easy vacation planning with the Teamster App.

Time selected, submitted via app. And already approved! Teamster manages vacation planning, from application to approval, and shows you when and who is on vacation at any time. Only a few clicks until a vacation is entered. It's as easy for your team and it is for you.

Save yourself the hassle of paperwork when calling in sick.

Cough, cold, queasy stomach? You want to know as soon as possible. So it's easy to call in sick via the app. And the sick note is sent right along with it. Photo. And that's it. Get well soon! The Teamster app makes it possible.

Let us show you Teamster!

We'd be happy to demonstrate Teamster to you in person.