Make your cash register Wow!

The Teamster SalesAssistant: Efficient tools for your billing.
What more do you want?

Cash accounting, revenue control, audit trails or modern controlling and forecasting: the Teamster SalesAssistant bundles all aspects related to your revenues in one module. 

But Teamster can do even more: daily profit and loss statements for all essential components in combination with the Teamster TeamAssistant and the Teamster GoodsAssistant.

Sales controlling

All data from the cash register flows into Teamster in real time. So you always have everything in view, summarized and clearly arranged. Who has had money in their hands, when and where? The Teamster SalesAssistant shows you immediately. Differences in cash management or even in the safe? Not with Teamster!

Your advantages

  • 100% transparency
  • Easy handling
  • Automated bookings

Cash management

Transparency to the last cent based on your cash register. Underpayments at the cash register, missing overview of cancellations, wrong bank deposits?

The Teamster SalesAssistant manages it. With blind-count accounting, Teamster shows differences per account.

Your advantages

  • multifunctional whether audit,
  • accounting or
  • Controlling

Let us show you Teamster!

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„Thanks to the integration of our POS data in Teamster, we have a 100% overview of our revenues and avoid a lot of administrative work. Thus, we gain an estimated 50 hours per week that used to be required for reconciliation work.“

Hans Jilek
Geschäftsführer JJ Restaurants GmbH & Co KG

Full transparency. Right from the start.

Theft control

Money missing from the bank? Cost of sales too high? Too many cancellations? Missing bookings? Suspicion of theft? Analyze the cash register data per employee! This is how Teamster provides you with important information.

Sales forecasting

Teamster analyzes historical sales and calculates future sales from these trends. We can integrate sales-influencing factors after consultation.


Cash management

Teamster manages cash, card or online payments. The Teamster SalesAssistant calculates expected cash deposits and provides booking and bank deposit receipts.


Interface to FiBu

Daily cash bookings and reconciliations:
Easy with Teamster. You choose the account, Teamster provides the posting template. Upload. Done!

Sales controlling

In addition to the sales forecast, Teamster provides accurate turnover and sales statistics. So you can see at a glance how your restaurant is doing.

Perfect teamwork.

All assistants together take your employee productivity to a new level!

Sales alone

Your Teamster SalesAssistant! From cash accounting, revenue control and audit trails to modern controlling and forecasting: Teamster combines all aspects of your revenues in one module.

Sales and more.

But Teamster can do even more: hourly productivity data in combination with the Teamster TeamAssistant. And as a complete installation with Teamster GoodsAssistant, it provides daily profit and loss statements for your restaurant.

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