Pricing model

Our pricing model at a glance

As simple as Teamster.

Beautifully simple. And simply fair.

With Teamster, you only pay for the assistants you actually use.


Less going on. Fewer employees. Less costs.

For the TeamAssistant you pay 5€ per employee. For the app 1€. It's that simple.

And you don't have to pay for colleagues who don't work at all. You can activate and deactivate inactive employees in TeamAssistant at any time. And you can save twice on payroll. Our partner does all the work for you. And at a very reasonable rate of 5€ per payroll.


Feedback, Sales and Goods

For these assistants you pay a monthly fee if you use them.

The FeedbackAssistant costs 49€, the SalesAssistant 99€ and the GoodsAssistant 149€ per month and location. The helpful Teamster controlling functions are always included.

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