Organize your team. Simply better and faster.

The Teamster TeamAssistant: Your tools for more accurate staff management, better organization and more overview.

Your guests should feel completely at ease. This works if everyone is in the right place at the right time.
You have to be able to rely on personnel management, duty scheduling and time recording just as much as on your team. And Teamster helps you do just that. Our TeamAssistant is simple and saves you money and time.
Time for your guests.

Teamster simplifies your personnel management.

There's a ton of bureaucracy in personnel managment. But Teamster can take mundane day-to-day tasks out of your hands. Combined with the App, it provides clarity and makes processes easier for you.

These tools save you time.

  • records, organizes and structures personnel data
  • maintains personnel files electronically 
  • appointment and deadline oversight
  • documents staff training 
  • provides simple document managment via App
  • manages contracts and documents

No more schedule planning with EXCEL or lists.

Know with which ressources you can plan. Teamster takes care of your planning so you never loose track of weekly hours and costs again.

Teamster supports your flexibility.

  • determines personnel requirements
  • indicates available resources 
  • organizes schedule planning 
  • distributes schedule plans
  • documents everything 

Let us show you Teamster!

We'd be happy to demonstrate Teamster to you in person.

„Using Teamster, we have restructured and digitized all our employee-related processes. The use of Teamster allows us to achieve a very lean structure in the area of personnel administration and payroll. In addition, Teamster provides valuable information for corporate management.“

Jasvir Singh
Managing Director KFC Systemgastronomie Gmbh&Co.KG

Powerful functions for your personnel management.

The Teamster TeamAssistant relieves you of many routine tasks. And creates transparency too.

Time Management

Who was where and when? How many hours have been worked? Teamster takes care of time managment including the documentation of working time for controlling and payoff.


Regulate and control: Teamster is great at that! The Team-Assistant provides a wide range of classic as well as gastronomy-specific controlling-functions.

Payroll Accounting

Do you want some more? We offer complete payroll accounting to all users in the Teamster intersection. ...

The Teamster App

When am I scheduled to work on monday? Can I take over the second shift on wednesday? And when do I have to take care of the renewal of my work permit? ...

Perfect teamwork.

All assistants together take your employee productivity to a new level!

The Teamster TeamAssistant: Whether time recording, absence management, duty scheduling, contract management or the electronic personnel file. Teamster combines all aspects of personnel management. Even as a stand-alone installation, Teamster TeamAssistant has nothing to hide.


But the combination with the SalesAssistant takes your employee productivity to a new level. In combination with FeedbackAssitent you see which employees are rocking your restaurant. And together with the GoodsAssistant you get a daily profit and loss statement.

Any other questions?

We are happy to help you.