Teamster, the gastronomy team assistant –
from professionals for professionals!

Teamster manages and controls your team, organizes your inventory management and brings transparency to your cash register.

Used as individual modules or as a complete system; Teamster supports processes, provides intelligent controlling and simplifies accounting!

Your clever assistants!

Each one is an asset to you. Together, they manage your restaurant.


Your tool for the entire personnel management.

Time recording, duty scheduling, contract management and electronic personnel files, deadline management, payroll with interface to payroll accounting, Team App.

Easier. Faster.
Everything in view.


The cash register is correct. You can be 100% sure of that.

Sales reports, cash register, accounting, vault management, theft prevention and cancellation control, interface to financial accounting, forecasts. Directly from your cash register data.

Accounting can be this simple.


Simply everything is always there. Rely on it.

Inventory management, calculation of cost of goods, order proposals based on sales forecasts**, inventory management (theoretical and actual).

You always have an overview.


Your guests are satisfied. And you know it.

Simple, fast feedback. Customer satisfaction at a glance at all times. Even linked to other data. You should not do without this information.

Get to know your guests better.

Indispensable and perfectly integrated.

Manager App

Everything going well in your restaurant? You just know it.

You inform your employees about changes. And they inform you. Simple. Fast. You always have an overview of the most important numbers with you. And in case there's any problems, you'll get notified instantly.

Teamster saves you time. And lets you react faster.

 This is how you can stay on top of things at all times.

Exactly what you need.
No more and no less.

It's modular

You only use what you need.

Teamster's assistants are designed so that you can use them individually or in any combination. Do you want to integrate more assistants? No problem.

It's flexible

Best of all, you only pay for what you need.

We offer a fair pricing model. You don't pay for things you don't need. Because you know exactly what helps you. That's why you can always decide to use more or less assistants.

Highly integrated

Combinations make up Teamster.

A lot of things are connected in your restaurant. The interaction of your assistants is the special strength of Teamster. This is especially noticeable in controlling and many other functions.


The Teamster pricing model. Simply fair.

You can use all wizards at any time,
but you only pay for what you really need.

Teamster is simple. From the beginning.

How Teamster works? Just like your restaurant!

You have clear ideas about how your business should be organized. That's why we have designed Teamster in a way that bases all representations on your specifications. For example the designations: Here, Teamster simply takes your definitions of pay, vacation, and break schedules and ensures that they are complied. The processes in the company can be mapped just the way you need them to be. Clearly structured, from planning to reporting.

Teamster, the GastroAssistant from professionals for professionals!

Why did we develop Teamster? Because gastronomy is our life too! And because we, like you, were confronted with many administrative requirements on a daily basis. Tasks that cost a lot of time. Time that we would much rather spend with our guests and our team. We wanted a solution that would relieve us of routine tasks but guarantees an overview of costs and resources. Without compromise. That's why we set ourselves to work. That's how Teamster was born. For us. And for you.

You like it uncomplicated?
Just get started!

A few details about your restaurant, the employee data – and you're ready to go. Teamster requires only a few settings and supports you immediately. Especially useful: For tasks like personnel management, duty scheduling or time recording, there are fully integrated components that can also be used independently of each other. Teamster is as simple and streamlined as possible, yet always ready to grow with your needs and the success of your business.