Know, don't believe! Overview of your goods.

The Teamster GoodsAssistant: for planning, organization and controlling.

Whether it's order suggestions, inventory management, recipe maintenance or calculating the cost of goods sold: Teamster offers you a simple and transparent merchandise management system that leaves no questions unanswered.

And in combination with the TeamAssistant and the SalesAssistant, the GoodsAssistant provides daily profit and loss statements for the essential components of your business.

Merchandise management

Enough goods? Even for the coming days? Teamster relieves you and your team with detailed order suggestions. Simply based on current sales and defined minimum stock levels. Of course, this also reduces waste.

Your advantages

  • 100% transparency
  • easy handling
  • automated bookings

Procurement controlling

How high is your cost of sales? Just one klick and Teamster can show you. Per store, product or by freely selectable categories. Always based on daily (cash) turnover and the latest purchase price lists.

Your advantages

  • clear stock keeping
  • accounting or
  • controlling

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„Teamster is a powerful solution with fast support. The corporate settings are very flexible, this gives us the tools we need to meet our requirements. The design is sleek, focuses on the essentials and can be customized to match our own corporate design."

Hamza Iczel
KFC Franchisee

Overview. Right from the beginning.


With Teamster you can organize your storage according to your ideas: flexible definition of storage locations per site, clear online entry of stock entry of inventories, recording of incoming goods inspections, and waste recording.

Recipe and master data maintenance

Teamster maintains the recipes and sales item data and ensures that all POS systems are supplied with the current prices. Where necessary, Teamster calculates the menu price breakdown taking into account different VAT rates.

Theft control

Too much merchandise, missing bookings, suspicion of theft? Teamster compares cash register data with actual consumption per purchase item. One push of a button and you know.

Interface to financial accounting

Accounting made easy: Teamster reads the invoices and processes them for your financial accounting. You just choose the account, Teamster delivers the accounting template. Upload. Done!

Cost controlling

Your Teamster GoodsAssistant for transparent purchase controlling: average consumption, price developments, efficiencies. Available to you at any time, almost at the push of a button.

Perfect teamwork.

All assistants together take your employee productivity to a new level!

Goods alone

The Teamster GoodsAssistant. Whether warehousing, recipe maintenance or calculating the cost of goods sold: Teamster is your simple and transparent merchandise management system. Even the Teamster GoodsAssistant 'stand alone' leaves hardly any questions unanswered.

Goods and more.

But Teamster can do more: Order suggestions and daily cost of sales in combination with the Teamster SalesAssistant. Or daily profit and loss statements in connection with the Teamster GoodsAssistant as a complete installation.


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